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Gilles TRIGNAT is an independent property developer based in the Grenoble region for over 35 years. His company specialises in the construction and sale of new homes, whether apartments or houses.

His expertise comes from long experience in the field combined with technical excellence, from the quality of materials and the reliability of his work, and from the relationship of trust with his partners.
With a small and highly motivated team, formed in the culture of a company for whom building is an art, Gilles TRIGNAT Residences offers you reliable and durable homes, in line with your expectations and needs.

Driven by the quest for excellence, and by ties of integrity and respect for his partners and clients, Gilles TRIGNAT aims to provide new apartments of the highest quality in carefully selected locations.

Company values

Quality and reliability

The acquisition of a new apartment, whether as a primary or secondary residence, or as a rental investment, is a major act in life. Gilles TRIGNAT Residences attach great importance to the environmental choices behind their property developments :

  • Focused as he is on the environmental and architectural aspects of his developments, Gilles TRIGNAT gets to know the sites where he is building in order to deliver the charm and elegance for which they will be renowned.
  • Concerned by the durability of their projects, Gilles TRIGNAT Residences use quality materials, and provide innovative solutions to guarantee that these properties are a sure investment.
  • Attentive to its clients, Gilles TRIGNAT Residences listen to your requests, and reply to each requirement in an individual way.
These choices together ensure a high quality living environment and a durable investment. To guarantee that these objectives are fully accomplished, Gilles TRIGNAT Residences work with local partners, experts in their fields, carefully chosen for their reliability and the quality of their work.

Performance, energy and attentiveness

The team at Gilles TRIGNAT Residences is close-knit and efficient, experienced in the property sector, & there to help you choose your perfect new home. Attentive and committed, they will help you make your acquisition with confidence and serenity. Whether this is your primary or secondary residence, or a property investment, they will help you find the solution best adapted to your circumstances and expectations.

The guarantee of a durable investment

Thanks to the architectural care taken in the construction, the choice of the highest quality materials, and attention to detail in the finish, the investment that you make with Gilles TRIGNAT Residences is one which will only improve with time.

Human values

What better than happy staff to provide the best service and to respond to the needs of our clients ?
To achieve this we ensure each day that :
  • We improve their knowledge with training programmes all year round.

  • We encourage communication throughout the company, ensuring constant dialogue for optimal enjoyment and efficiency at work.

  • We promote individual initiatives

With over a hundred new homes built every year, Gilles TRIGNAT Residences provide new, reliable and durable accomodation in line with our clients’ expectations.
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