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Its purpose is to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings and thereby lower energy costs for the occupants. It is applicable to all projects where the planning application was made after 1st January 2013.

To conform to RT 2012, a new building must respect 3 overall requirements :
  • Energy efficiency of the building

    RT 2012 has forced constructors to take energy efficiency into account from the design stage of the building, in order to reduce energy needs - this can mean the building’s shape, its height, its orientation in relation to the sun’s path, its wind exposure, the positioning of openings, the building’s insulation…
  • Reduction of energy consumption

    A maximum energy consumption target is fixed in relation to the building’s specific environment, adapted to its geographical position. For example for a mountain development where the energy requirement is greater than in the valley, the maximum authorised consumption will be higher.
  • Improvement of summer comfort

    If heat conservation is vital in winter, summer comfort must also be considered. Buildings under RT 2012 are therefore designed to limit heat absorption during the summer. Your RT 2012 residence will give you maximum comfort throughout the year.
To achieve these 3 requirements, Gilles TRIGNAT Resiedences has put in place various solutions at the main points of energy consumption.

The overall conception of the new residence

The architects who design our residences try generally to maximise free sources of energy, and to limit energy loss. This means large south-facing openings, building orientation adapted to provide maximum natural light, designs to minimise areas of heat loss, constructions which limit energy waste, the use of thermally efficient materials…

Heating and cooling of your apartment

Our homes are equipped with efficient heating systems using renewable energy : heat pumps, gas condensing boilers, solar roof panels…
Each project requires in-depth thermal study to determine which energy solution is most suited.
All joinery used allows air to circulate in such a way as to provide cool during the summer months.


Natural lighting in the homes is provided by large bay windows or patio doors.
In the communal areas and basements, automatic lighting systems with presence detectors help to reduce energy consumption, while ensuring your comfort and security.

Hot Water

The use of innovative systems such as thermodynamic water heaters in our mountain properties helps to reduce energy consumption.

Insulation and air permeability

RT 2012 requires air permeability control in new buildings.
This means that all our new residences are checked by an independent body which certifies that the strict criteria of RT 2012 are respected.
Testing of air permeability is carried out during and at the end of construction in order to verify conformity to regulation levels.


Measurement of energy consumption is obligatory for RT 2012, as this allows residents to be informed about their own energy consumption.
Energy meters allow for detailed reading of consumption ; it is possible to tell which points are the most energy consumptive, and thereby to adapt living routines to limit consumption.

To ensure conformity to regulations as well as the well-being of our clients when they buy, the team at Gilles TRIGNAT Residences work with well-known, recognised partners.
To respect RT 2012 Gilles TRIGNAT Residences collaborate from start to finish with architects, with thermal and structural engineers, and with technical auditors.

These partners design and check the residence, and guarantee the respect of standards needed to obtain RT 2012 certification at the end of construction.
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